Manufacturing solutions for your ideas

EISO is a full service manufacturing company with a focus on the production of metal and plastic components, as well as electronic manufacturing services. We are able to support you along all phases of the manufacturing process of your product, whether it concerns manufacturing different mechanical components or applying various surface finishings on completed parts. Our customer base consists of companies that require flexibility regarding quantities and which focus on more sophisticated components and products. Our customers range from European SMEs to large international corporates across a variety of sectors including the Medical, Systems, Machine and Automotive industry.

EISO’s mechanical product portfolio includes sheet metal processing, CNC turning and milling technologies, and various surface finishings.
EISO helps customers produce technical or decorative single or multicomponent molded parts with state-of-the-art equipment.
From multi-color coating to physical vapor deposition (PVD): EISO offers the entire range of surface finishings and coatings for various metal and plastic surfaces.
EISO offers customers printed circuit board assembly, as well as subsystem integration using the latest SMT, DIP and testing technology.
Our comprehensive product offering covers, in addition to dies and moulds, various die and mould making components, including standard components and special items as per drawing.
In addition to larger components EISO also has a focus on the production of precision parts and special mechanical items as per drawing.
A comprehensive product offering that satisfies your needs

The expertise and experience of EISO‘s team covers an enormous range of products and processes: Metalworking, Plastics Technology, Surface Technology, Electronic Manufacturing Services, Die & Mould Making and Mechanical Components. Our company‘s size allows us to be extremely flexible regarding manufacturing processes and provides us with considerable cost and time advantages over our competition. Our headquarter in Asia ensures full control over quality and production processes and is the basis for having direct access to our production facilities. Additionally, our sales offices in Europe and the USA guarantee best service for our customers in local languages and enable us to consult customers on-site.

Your partner along the manufacturing value chain

EISO is not a typical contract manufacturer: Instead of relying on sourcing agents we have our headquarter in Taiwan with our own warehousing and quality control facilities, and we officially represent a number of Asian component manufacturers in the European market. This means more control, higher quality, faster processes and lower costs for our international customers. With more than 30 years experience in contract manufacturing EISO‘s team is able to provide customers with direct access to a network of high-tech production facilities in Asia through our powerful distribution platform. Moreover, our headquarter allows an independent quality control of all components according to the specific standards of our European and German customers.


Outstanding Quality

EISO’s production facilities follow globally accepted quality standards. We are very aware of our responsibility regarding quality and costs, and our internationality and extensive experience mean we know exactly what is qualitatively important in Europe and Germany.

Competitive Pricing

By having direct access to various production facilities we are able to offer customers Asian factory prices. Customers that work with us can purchase components up to European quality standards at lower Asian market prices and can realize high savings potential.

Innovative Solutions

EISO offers customers a seamless workflow for some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Through us customers have access to production solutions that cover the entire range of metalworking, plastics technology, as well as electronic assembly.

Flexible Requests

Due to our size we can plan production processes as efficiently as possible and are able to help customers with varying volume requirements, including prototyping and pilot series. Additionally, our flexibility means we can minimize production times of new components substantially.



We believe in trusted partnerships that help our customers achieve and sustain long-term business growth. Our experience and commitment to highest quality form the foundation on which such partnerships can develop.


EISO's team has already been responsible for the production of various functional and decorative parts, as well as electronic components that find application in the automotive industry.

Customers benefit substantially from our extensive experience regarding the production of precision parts, such as turning and grinding items, as well as special mechanical and electronic components.

Whether they are used in gaming systems or pay machines, we cover the entire spectrum of parts and components ranging from handles and buttons up to entire casings.

Our production experience covers various components for the medical industry, such as injection needles and micro parts. Regarding plastic components we mostly work with ISO 13485 certified production facilities.


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